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Have you wondered about the natural beauty and draw of Harkers Island?
Here, we share with you what drew the owners of our Island property to the area, located just over the bridge, on the water where the North River and Brooks Creek unite. Where sunsets paint the sky with glorious colors you have to see to believe and where coastal life is just a little bit slower so you can enjoy all that nature has to offer.

"The "Island" is a small slice of Heaven on Earth with one 2 lane road on and off, including a drawbridge, soon to be changed to a slightly higher bridge without the drawbridge. We built a custom home in 2002 and while storms with names have come and gone over the years, we knew from our family having owned an oceanfront cottage at Nags Head,

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It seems like we are hearing on a regular basis that some company has been hacked and that our financial information is in jeopardy. The recent Equifax breach has been making headlines and causing great concern among so many Americans. Here are a few tips on how you can help protect yourself courtesy of Jason Holland of Movement Mortgage.

1.Get a copy of your credit report yearly from all three major credit agencies. Look it over carefully and report any discrepancies to the agency reporting that error. Go to this site to get your free report.


2. Go to this government site for an explanation of what happened with Equifax and tips on how to protect yourself in the future.


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Flood Insurance Alert

Attention all property owners!! On October 11, 2016 there will be an open house from 4-7pm at the Crystal Coast Civic Center. Residents will be able to speak to emergency management representatives about the effects the new flood elevation changes will have on your property. This is a very important meeting and we at Holland Shepard Group encourage you to be there. There are significant changes that can greatly increase your flood insurance premium. You can access the new maps with flood hazard data at

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